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We are a small technology company dedicated to designing and deploying highly-effective environmentally-friendly pathogen control systems that utilize the UV light spectrum to destroy 99.9% of viruses, germs and mold, without the use of toxic, harsh chemicals.


The same technology, only previously available to hospitals, has now been miniaturized for effective use across the entire small business sector, useful to any business with foot traffic.

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Who We Serve

UV lighting disinfection is ideal for the hospitality sector, classrooms, nursing homes, retail fitness facilities, dental and medical offices and many more sectors where disinfection is the highest priority.  We serve all of these vertical market segments and our solutions can be implemented nationwide and across all overseas US territories.


Protecting The Future

The world has changed and pathogen control is at forefront of efforts to contain the virus, and also to deploy the most potent, sustainable anti-pathogen infrastructure to protect your customers, as well as the future viability of your business.  Our company is actively playing a key role in reining in the virus that causes Covid-19. 


New viruses and other pathogens will continue to show up at our shores.  Preparation is critical. Planning for future outbreaks and pandemics begins now!

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Being able to tell your customers, clients or residents that you have a

highly-effective, sophisticated UV disinfection system in place

goes a long way towards creating peace of mind..

UV Light Disinfection can be a critical and powerful component of your pathogen risk mitigation strategy.